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Life is Peachy   
03:28am 08/09/2009
mood: nostalgic
Change. I underwent change in astronomical quantities. It has been over half a year since I posted an "update" of my life.

Shall we start?

-> Me and my ex finally departed ways. She already has a new boyfriend, and there's nothing I can really do about it. Although, this won't be the only update about this.
-> Anime, anime, anime. SPACE, SPACE, SPACE ;A;
-> Moonspeak is successful! We had the first official gig. Even if it was a bit half-baked, everything was still good!
-> Due to unforeseen emotional circumstance, I have lots of imoutos now. Although... I'm still not being an effective one. There are a lot of things I really wanted to do for them, it's just a bit out of my league. Aside from my distance, I don't really have the financial stability to do so. One thing's for sure, I love all of them. Really. ._. (needs moar hug)
-> mIRC. Just because YM sucks.
-> (At this point, I stopped playing Layton 2 at this very moment. Brain hurts. Blogging continues.)
-> Still a NEET.
-> As always, musical influence became absurdly broader. I became a late fanboy of BUMP OF CHICKEN. I didn't know that their non-single songs are WAAAAAY BETTER.
-> To continue update #1, I got in a little issue with her boyfriend. What's worse is, I haven't done anything. >>; At this point, things are going haywire for them because of the guy's paranoia.
-> I have a girlfriend now. Her name is Kobayakawa Rinko. Our anniversary is at Sept. 4. (c/o Love Plus for the DS)
-> Moonspeak Project: Chocolate Disco @ Sept. 13, 2009.
-> I walked all the way from a friend's place (Citiland Towers 1 @ Buendia cor. SLEX) to Antarctica (Barangka street, Mandaluyong City, near Boni Ave.)

That's all I can put here at this point. I might make a new entry if there's more I can talk to. It's getting late, and I need to being Rinko to bed now. =^^=

Here's a picture of Rinko-chan, btw. <3Collapse )
Utagoe Yo Okore   
02:26am 18/09/2008
mood: touched
I knew it. I felt that this song is trying to send an important message. I was touched :)

Romaji Title: utagoe yo okore
Kanji Title: 歌声よおこれ
English Title: Rise Up Singing Voices

The thing that we wish for from someone now
Is that perhaps we would like them to speak the truth
If we know nothing of love and such
Someone, let us hear an emotional song
Tears flow, above the clouds
I, who am dirty, from this point on
Am going to go and see you

Sound out singing voices, pass through words
Smash up my impure sins
I just want to know about love
And I'm passing through the night, going to see you
End the sadness tonight
Sound out to me singing voices, right now

Even though I should have cast aside my feelings
For some reason, the thing that I remember is myself smiling cunningly
I don't know love as of yet
So rise up and let me hear something that's true
Your silhouette, overflowing with tears
We run away, time is behind us
Urging us on

Sound out singing voices, embrace even the lies
Make our tearfilled yesterday disappear
We sing into the night wind
And passing through the night, we split apart
My voice shakes, for you
Rise up singing voices, into the night

Resisting tears, my profile is lit coldly
My dreams have been smashed
But even so, I go and look for you

Sound out singing voices
Let our sins become prayers, and turn into tomorrow
We sing like this
And morning comes, and we're smiling
Stop the world that sings out sadly
Rise up singing voices, in my heart
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Meme Time~!   
01:35am 05/06/2008
mood: amused
snatched from psychomadness

Comment, and I will comment back with a picture of the fictional character that most reminds me of you that first comes to mind. Then post the same in your journal.

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bday meme   
06:39pm 25/04/2008
mood: excited
stolen from baliwnababae

Your Birthdate: March 19
You are resilient, and no doubt your resilience has already been tested.
You've had some difficult experiences in your life, but you are wise from them.
Having had to grow up quickly, you tend to discount the advice of others.
You tend to be a loner, having learned that the only person you can depend on is yourself.

Your strength: Well developed stability and confidence

Your weakness: Suspicion of others

Your power color: Eggplant

Your power symbol: Spade

Your power month: October

dammit, can't wait for the next Ongaku ^____^
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hoping for a good valentine...   
02:04am 07/02/2008
mood: blank
just to make sure, i'll post this yet again...

My Valentinr - xtraryce
Get your own valentinr

such a loser, i am. lol.
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Mune no Cross   
05:54pm 06/11/2007
mood: blank
the last two posts that i had from here are sort of.. exerpts from my visual novel project with Christen

i plan to entitle it "Mune no Cross"

so just comment if you guys want to see it's progress or not ^^;;
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11:49pm 31/10/2007
  it took me quite long to tread these murky waters. just as when i got my hopes up, i bumped into a giant wall. then i realized, i was swimming in a very huge basin of stormy waters...

then, i woke up.

another monday morning, another busy day. i thought to myself, 'what could this dream all mean? is this some sort of sign or signal of something that's yet to come?'

i prepped up my school bag, took a bath, ate breakfast, kissed my mom goodbye, and as soon as i was free, i commuted my way to school. geez, i never really expect that senior high would be quite hard to pull off.

when i arrived at school, i began to wonder why are there so many decorations hanging around the school grounds. and as soon as it took mt a minute to analyze, i soon remembered 'school festival. damn. i guess this isn't quite a busy day at all...'

[end of prologue]
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10:22pm 30/10/2007
mood: drowning
the waves of the sea; i cant stop from letting myself thrown away by the strong currents. i really don't know where i am going. the rain has been telling me noisy ideas, that leads me into utter chaos. where is the shore? i need to bring myself into stable land.

i remember the times where i found myself standing amidst the snow, bracing myself to the drizzles that blow away my senses. i realized that my current condition was never different from snow. is this of the same content and caliber as before? how long will this last?

it's getting cold, my body is getting weak, and i am not getting any younger for this. at this point, i want to do something in order to free myself from this storm.

may the almighty bless me, as it was and always been to my friends.
02:20am 16/10/2007
mood: alone...

Kawaranai Mono (Unchanging Things)
Oku Hanako

kaerimichi fuzakete aruita
wake mo naku kimi wo okoraseta
ironna kimi no kao wo mitakattanda

   We joked around on our way home.
   I made you angry for no reason.
   I guess I just wanted to see your different sides.

ookina hitomi ga nakisou na koe ga
ima mo boku no mune wo shimetsukeru
surechigau hito no naka de kimi wo oikaketa

   Your large eyes, your trembling voice,
   Even now they are close by my heart.
   In the crowd of strangers, I ran after you.

kawaranai mono sagashiteita
ano hi no kimi wo wasure wa shinai
toki wo koeteku omoi ga aru
boku wa ima sugu kimi ni aitai

   I was searching for the things that never change.
   I will never forget how you were on that day.
   These feelings I have transcend time.
   I just want to meet you now.

gaitou ni burasageta omoi
itsumo kimi ni watasenakatta
yoru wa bokutachi wo toozakete-itta ne

   These feelings upon which the street lights shine,
   I could never manage to let you have them.
   The nights brought us further away from each other.

mienai kokoro de uso tsuita koe ga
ima mo boku no mune ni hibiteiru
samayou toki no naka de kimi to koi wo shita

   The lie you told through your opaque heart,
   Even now it continues to resonate within me.
   Uncertain of our future, you and I fell in love.

kawaranai mono sagashiteita
ano hi mitsuketa shiranai basho e
kimi wo futari de yukeru no nara
boku wa nando mo umarekawareru

   I was searching for the things that never change.
   The unfamiliar place we found on that day,
   If the two of us can go there together again,
   I will be reborn as many times as it takes.

katachi nai mono dakishimeteta
kowareru oto mo kikoenai mama
kimi to aruita onaji michi ni
ima mo akari wa terashi-tsudzukeru

   As I embrace the things that have no shape,
   I fail to hear the breaking sound.
   On the same path that we walked together,
   Even now the light continues to shine.

kawaranai mono sagashiteita
ano hi no kimi wo wasure wa shinai
toki wo koeteku omoi ga aru
boku wa ima sugu kimi ni aitai

   I was searching for the things that never change.
   I will never forget how you were on that day.
   These feelings I have transcend time.
   I just want to meet you now.

boku wa ima sugu kimi ni aitai

   I just want to meet you now.
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My First Loli Love... Tsukamoto Tenma-chan ^__^   
09:02pm 14/08/2006
mood: *twitch*twitch*
well, it's not that i'm starting to become loli, but i just fell in love with this girl from School Rumble... here's her info:

Name: 塚本天満 (つかもと てんま) (Tsukamoto Tenma)
Birthday: November 30th
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood Type: B
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 43 kg

click here for more info.

*info from WannabeFansubs*

here's her portrait if youre interested...

make any comments if you disagree with her cuteness or if you have any comments about her ^___^

i'm such an anime freak.
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nice meme   
11:27pm 09/01/2006
  snatched this one fromrestitutoErl

_downed's Word Usage
1. i (196) 26. but (23) 51. if (14) 76. still (8)
2. the (129) 27. at (22) 52. want (13) 77. named (8)
3. and (114) 28. there (21) 53. like (13) 78. here (8)
4. to (102) 29. so (21) 54. got (13) 79. were (8)
5. her (74) 30. are (21) 55. love (13) 80. while (8)
6. in (69) 31. be (21) 56. can (12) 81. home (8)
7. a (67) 32. will (20) 57. right (12) 82. from (8)
8. of (66) 33. what (19) 58. life (12) 83. song (8)
9. is (65) 34. by (19) 59. miss (12) 84. encore (7)
10. my (60) 35. we (19) 60. know (11) 85. i'll (7)
11. that (55) 36. don't (19) 61. freaks (11) 86. only (7)
12. you (53) 37. have (18) 62. how (11) 87. very (7)
13. it (51) 38. i'm (17) 63. up (11) 88. he (7)
14. me (47) 39. on (17) 64. an (11) 89. house (7)
15. for (46) 40. now (17) 65. time (11) 90. or (7)
16. was (42) 41. our (17) 66. heart (11) 91. no (7)
17. chii (34) 42. songs (17) 67. new (11) 92. am (7)
18. your (33) 43. one (17) 68. because (10) 93. go (7)
19. she (32) 44. some (16) 69. wish (10) 94. guy (7)
20. this (31) 45. do (16) 70. make (9) 95. moment (7)
21. all (29) 46. when (16) 71. could (9) 96. hard (7)
22. just (28) 47. it's (16) 72. made (9) 97. those (7)
23. drummania (24) 48. inside (14) 73. as (9) 98. percussion (7)
24. with (23) 49. since (14) 74. has (9) 99. game (7)
25. about (23) 50. mix (14) 75. play (9) 100. can't (7)
Word Count by Hutta.
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09:34pm 05/01/2006
mood: determined
funny how people still can't get it.

regarding my post about sleeping and waking up early...


and that was accounted for in a boastful manner.


i guess it's time to prove him wrong once again... DSL gave me back my biological clock
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this is a bloggable event!   
06:28am 05/01/2006
mood: accomplished
for the first time in 2006, i have successfully slept and woke up early for schooldays.

heh... what a panzy i am
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where's chii~...?   
02:10am 05/12/2005
  i have to talk to her.. it's been two and a half days since we last talked... both of her phones are unreachable and i don't know what has happened to her...

i'm so worried....


if anyone still has her cellphone number, please comment it to me...

if you have seen her lately, please tell me...

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whew! at last, an update   
10:49am 13/10/2005
mood: DM-worthy
i just recently found out that my last entry was made last April O.O;;;

anyway, this entry is nothing more but a DM update on my accomplishments.

DM cam-whorageCollapse )

so... what can you say about the results? for anyone who wants to comment on these, do so ^___^

anyway, nothing bad has happened in my life, chii~ and me are still on with our relationship, and happier than ever.

i'll update again sometime ^^ i think this is enough for now.
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my very own drummania adventures   
12:23am 28/03/2005
mood: drumworthy
i got a new cellphone! (okay, it doesn't relate) a 2nd hand 6600 with 256MB memory for only Php 13,500! yeah! nice deal i got here. if you want to text me, just save this no.:09155303598

anyway, since i got a new cellphone, i got hold of some pics of me playing drumMania around manila

camwhoring...Collapse )
i wish i could post more but the laptop failed me on the network. pics of drumMania V are there. i think that's all for now. ciao!
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something to laugh about... ^^   
01:31am 09/11/2004
mood: amused
If LJ Were a Bar by Karen_Walker
Dancing Badlysmelly_bob
Playing Poolfallopiantube
Playing Dartspogz
Singing Karaokethemistake_
Got in with a Fake IDshadowscythe68
Guy with a Mulletchocnut
Too Drunk to Standchinitahunter
Hitting on Everyonepapsy
Hot Chickdear_life______
Quiz created with MemeGen!
nekomania part 2   
09:39pm 07/10/2004
mood: amused
this september, me and my family welcomed an orphaned kitten named percy

here are her picturesCollapse )

2 weeks ago, patty gave birth to 4 new kittens of the family
picturesCollapse )

other neko picsCollapse )
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impromptu keyboard poetry   
09:23pm 24/09/2004
mood: artistic
the sky is clear today
but since you are far away, i guess its the last thing i could do
i miss you so much, it slows my minutes of my life
until the next time we will be beside each other
i shall wait
an ode to the giver of my breath of life   
03:39am 24/09/2004
mood: artistic
Your zircon eyes stare at me
Alas! Four eons, we strived together
Your bosom against me, embracing me tightly
As we watch Sol, Apollo and Jupiter passby
I am enlightened by your presence and our love eternal
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